Friday, April 18, 2014

I made a dent

I've been making tiny baby steps progress on the garage, but I'm starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

As a reminder, this was the before from the back.

And so far.

I know it's not much--it's just a dent in the mess, but I can see more floor now. It would look better if I could stand B's bike up (it's hooked to the trailer), but it's currently supporting the ladder.

From the front before.

And so far. This is a bit misleading because the trash cans are out at the curb, but again, I can see progress. I can actually stand in the garage now.

The box of books and the table on top of it will be going to Goodwill, and the recumbent bike and the dryer (the real one, not the toy one) will be coming inside.

I had room to take two extra bags of trash out to the curb, and this is what I have left.

This is four or five mostly full bags. Two were already in the garage and partially full, but it took very little effort to fill them up the rest of the way. One is entirely full of cardboard boxes because I have drawn the line on saving empty boxes. I was reading an article the other day where they interviewed an organizer, and she was talking about the difference between the men and women she helps. She said the men always save the box, and, at least in my house, that is 100% accurate. I told B the other day that I was going to throw the Wii box away. The Wii that we have had for three years and could not return even if we wanted to. We had to have a discussion about why I wanted to throw it away and if I really should. And most of the boxes we save aren't even for specific things, they're just random Amazon boxes and stuff like that.

Anyway, my parents have a dumpster so I will take a few bags up there this weekend. I suppose I could take them all up, but I don't want to abuse my dumpster privileges. Soon I'll be ready to move on to actual organization. It's an exciting time. No, really. I was really happy when I realized that the top half of the wall was pegboard and I could see the studs. It'll make it so much easier to hang the brackets for the ladder.

I hope you all have a good Easter weekend!

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