Friday, April 4, 2014

No post Friday

I had a post planned. It is, as we speak (read), sitting in my drafts folder. But I got a new laptop with a crappy card reader that works, at best, 20% of the time. My old laptop was crappy in other ways, but at least the card reader worked.

Anyway, I have nothing to pull out of my hat here. It's been a few days from hell and I am tapped out. After dinner last night I went to bed and watched Mad Men for four hours to try and feel better. (Season six is now streaming!) It kind of worked. I always feel most ready to face the day at 1 AM; I just need to figure out how to feel that way at 8:30 after the kids are off to school.

So what are your weekend plans? Share in the comments! I have my choice of projects I don't want to do: garage, bathroom floor, or other. I have a shelving unit in our bedroom that needs to be painted, as do the insides of the kitchen cabinets. So many choices.

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