Monday, April 7, 2014

The week's baking

Note: I originally intended to write this last week, but since my card reader wasn't working I postponed it. I also couldn't get the individual food pictures I took, just the group picture.

Earlier this week I decided it was time to use some of these recipes that have been languishing on my Pinterest boards for months/years. After Baby Girl and I bought the week's groceries and I did all the chopping/cutting/washing produce prep, I started baking. I made three loaves of bread, chocolate chip muffins, strawberry cheesecake graham cracker muffins, homemade Wheat Thins, and homemade tortillas. Clockwise from the top left, we have the strawberry cheesecake graham cracker muffins, chocolate chip muffins, bread, wheat thins, more chocolate chip muffins, and more bread. The tortillas aren't pictured because I made them later in the day.

First, the bread. I had to wait a little bit to try this since the directions say to let it cool completely. I thought it was great, though. My biggest complaint about commercial bread is that a lot of it feels like you're eating air, or cotton candy bread. Blech. This was chewy but not too chewy, solid but not too dense, and the flavor was great. I replaced half the flour in this recipe (and all the others except the tortillas) with wheat flour, and I think it really improved the flavor and texture here.

The Wheat Thins were easy, fast, and good, although I thought the vanilla was a little prominent. I might halve that next time. Just make sure you get them rolled out thin enough; I didn't get my first batch thin enough so I had to crisp them up on the Pizzazz. If you don't have a Pizzazz, maybe broiling them for a minute or so would help.

The chocolate chip muffins were well received. I've only had a bite of the part of one that Baby Girl didn't finish, but I liked them. I would leave the cinnamon out next time. Good for banana muffins, meh in chocolate chip muffins.

The strawberry cheesecake graham cracker muffins were also good, and I think probably the family's favorite, but I wish the strawberry flavor had been a lot stronger. If I make them again I'll mix the chopped strawberries in with some strawberry jelly. We use Welch's Naturals Strawberry Spread and I think that would work well here.

Finally, the tortillas. These were really good--much better than store bought, I think--super easy and probably cost a quarter in materials for a dozen tortillas. I will probably use these instead of store bought from now on; I'll just make a few batches some Sunday and keep the extra in the freezer.

Next time, if I ever get enough bananas before the kids eat them all, I really want to make this cinnamon crumb banana bread. I'll have to hide some bananas from Baby Girl, though. She'll eat bananas and nothing else if you let her.

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