Friday, April 25, 2014


Who's ready for the weekend? My hand is up over here. Yaya was home sick for two days this week, so even though I haven't really been able to run errands, I have made a little bit of progress around here. I got most of the bathroom tile torn up, though not all of the thinset. It's coming along. I also removed almost a full leaf bag of weeds and leaves from the front bed. Isn't it beautiful?

I have some work to do. I'm thinking that while the mulch is thinned out, from winter and whatnot, and while I'm moving plants around, I'll try this newspaper trick for keeping weeds away. At least if it doesn't work they biodegrade and I'm not left with a mess of black plastic to deal with.

My alyssum that I planted in the driveway bed, that self-seeds and comes back every year, have seeded themselves waaaaay over in the front bed.

Remember the mushrooms that were sprouting up in the backyard a few days ago?

They've multiplied. They're halfway into the grass now.

From what the internet says, they'll go away when the ground dries out. It has been rainy here lately, so I guess I'll just hope that it doesn't rain any more. Let me check the weather. Oh, it's supposed to rain Sunday. Well then. Maybe it won't rain next week.

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