Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Back for fall

As promised, I'm back for fall. I think Blogger changed while I was gone, maybe? I don't know, this font looks weird. Anyway, I did a lot of thinking over the summer and I've come to a few decisions about the blog.

One, I'll be going back to posting whenever I have something to post. I'm not monetized, and I don't have sponsors or advertisers or whatever, so there's not much reason to post when I don't have content worth posting. Sorry for all the half-assed posts I've subjected you to over the past year or so. And that's another thing--I'll be using naughty words. I usually self-censor, but eh. I don't want to anymore.

Next, I may be changing the subject of the blog. It seems like I'm more of a lifestyle blog, or maybe a DIY blog, than a mommy blog. Maybe I'll just call myself a "whatever I feel like posting about today" blog. If I remember right, that's what I did way back in the beginning. I'll still be posting about my kids, of course, but Yaya hates getting his picture taken so I think he wants to just be left out of it.

Mr. Man's birthday is tomorrow, I have back to school pictures (still on the camera because I'm too lazy to find the cord, but they're there), and then Yaya's birthday is next week, so I have a few posts coming up in September. Hopefully by the time I'm done with those I'll have finished a few things around here.

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