Monday, September 22, 2014

Slacker birthday party

I love planning parties. However, actually throwing parties has become really stressful for me these past few years, which sucks because like I said, I love planning them. This is my long-winded way of saying that for the boys' party this year, we decided to go super low-key, aka cake and ice cream and no worries about anything else.

We had the party at my parents' house, because I hate our house during parties. All the rooms are separate and it just feels like people end up in small groups and no one can see or speak to anyone that's not standing right next to them.

The boys found a witch hat at home somewhere and brought it up there, and let me tell you, they certainly did not spend half an hour chasing each other around trying to steal it from the other one.

I was going to put a picture of Yaya up, but then I remembered he hates that so I'll put this instead. I have a lot of these; B was trying to get a decent picture of him and mostly failed.

We saw kitties in the barn.

These horses want to know if the camera is food. It is not, horses. Go eat the hay half a dozen kids are shoving at you.

This overexposed turkey followed us around gobbling to be petted. My mom has two pet turkeys and a pet duck (also pictured; he didn't like anyone and would bitch at you, but then run away). She also has chickens but I'm not sure if she considers them pets. They're not for eating, they're for eggs, so she probably does.

It was a really fun party. I made Mr. Man chocolate cupcakes and Yaya a vanilla creeper cake, which I forgot to take a picture of but is like this one. Except I just smoothed the frosting on top; I'm too lazy to pipe right now. We also had S'mores made in the oven, fruit salad, chips, pretzels, and juice boxes. No decorations, but no one cared. I meant to dig out my balloons, but my basement is back to being a mess and I didn't think I could find them in a reasonable amount of time.

Yaya has informed me that we have to have a big party for Baby Girl's third birthday, doubly so because she did not get a second birthday party (Mr. Man was sick). I guess I better start preparing myself.

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