Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The last decluttering

Hahaha, who am I kidding? Kids are a constant ongoing source of clutter; there will be more. But maybe at this point I can stay ahead of it.

Last Friday I went downstairs to cut out Mr. Man's Halloween costume. My sewing room and the toy room have been haphazardly smushed together, and I haven't paid any attention to it over the summer, so it looked like this.

Obviously not the easiest situation to work in. Lately I've promised myself that I would be more merciless when I get rid of things; I'm very sentimental, plus I like to keep things that might be useful someday. Not trash or anything like that, but furniture, toys that will someday be age-appropriate, fabric, etc. I'm still working on the fabric and furniture, but I'm making progress on the toys. I didn't want this to turn into yet another rearranging and organizing of all the stuff we had, and I made sure to keep that in mind as I worked.

It was hard to get rid of toys that were gifts and toys that Baby Girl would grow into in the next few years. Some of the things I got rid of were both; those were hardest. Some were both and I couldn't get rid of them, like this awesome train set that my mom got the boys a few years ago. We've never had the room to use it properly, but we are planning on selling the house soon, so maybe our next house will have a place where it can be set up. We also had at least three doctor's kits (why?), and I hesitated before putting those in the donate bag--pretend play toys are so good for them!--but the boys are too old for them and she could care less. Actually none of them really played with stuff like that, so it could have gone a while ago. On the other hand, it was very easy to get rid of all the old boy toys. I'm all for going against gender roles and all that, but she could have cared less about the cars that didn't make noise, the dinosaurs, or the sports toys and that kind of thing. If I'm honest with myself, she probably won't care about that train set even if it can be set up all the time, but I'm going to wait and see.

It took a day and a half, but eventually we got to this point.

You can see that Baby Girl is already unpacking the drawers. Every time I got out of the chair, it was immediately filled with play food. I didn't really get much rearranged in the sewing area--I need to get those cigar boxes with thread moved somewhere else; I hate having to unstack them all and dig--but now I have a few choices of where to put them. The dresser on the opposite side of the room has a few empty drawers, and I could empty out another if I could learn to let go of fabric. The stuff on top of the dresser is all her Barbies and the various stuffed animals that are staying down there. I haven't decided where to put those yet. The toy box is completely empty, just needs to be vacuumed out (the attachment that hooks the hose up to the regular vacuum has disappeared, so I have to drag the shop vac down). Maybe when that's done I can put them in there.

There's still a lot going on, but it's definitely better. We took a vanload of stuff to Goodwill, which included two trash bags and a few smaller Walmart sacks. Plus I took out one bag of trash, two forty gallon Rubbermaid totes, and a shelving unit. There are two of those colorful drawer stacks in the picture, but only one has anything in it. I'm leery of getting rid of storage furniture (or any furniture, really), so the other stack is in a dead spot in the corner for now. I'm sure I can use it for my sewing stuff; there's plenty that needs to be moved over still.

Oh, and I still haven't cut out Mr. Man's Halloween costume. Tomorrow, I swear.

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