Sunday, November 16, 2014

The big day

Tomorrow is my back surgery. I'm ready to get it over with; I'm tired of being stuck at home, although it sucks that I missed all the nice fall weather and now it's cold and snowy. I'm also tired of my disgusting house; it seems that I'm the only one who knows how the broom, mop, or dishwasher work. Not that I'm allowed to do any of those things for two weeks after my surgery, so...crap.

I am having a lumbar microdiscectomy (Blogger says that's not spelled right, but I don't care). My cousin just had surgery on her back for a herniated disk and they went in through her stomach, which apparently hurts a lot. They're doing mine through my back and I'm told I should expect a "slightly achey back," which I am 99% sure is a big fat lie, but I have pain pills.

I have to go bathe in disinfectant. Seriously. Tough luck, skin bacteria.

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