Monday, December 15, 2014

Ambitious but rubbish

A few weeks ago, B and I were bemoaning the fact that we couldn't use a lot of our Christmas stuff because there just wasn't room in the living room for it. I've wanted to set up a village for the longest time, but don't have the space, and last year we bought a train on after-Christmas clearance at Toys 'R Us but the living room was too small for it. This isn't even considering all the space we can't use in regular decorating because of the open railing. While we were talking, we were in our bedroom--the biggest room in the house--and I said, "I wish that when we were switching everything around way back when, when this was still a toy room, that we had gone ahead and made this a family room so we could have room for stuff like that."

We talked about it a little more over the next few days, then suddenly we had worked out all the "but what room will go where" questions and we--well, B and a friend--were moving furniture. B's game room is now in the living room, and it can function as a formal dining room if we need it to. Our bedroom is in the back, in the former toy room. The toy/sewing room is kind of thrown into the space that used to be B's game room; there's definitely lots of organization to come there.

We've switched rooms around a lot in this house, far more than I ever remember doing anywhere else I've ever lived, but this is by far the most ambitious rearranging project we've ever taken on. In addition to all this, we will be switching Baby Girl's and Mr. Man's rooms around. We will need to do more finishing in the basement (we've spray foamed about half of the rim joist and it's helped a lot, which kind of surprised me), paint the new living room, paint both kids' rooms, and finish up all the other miscellaneous projects I've started in each of those rooms but not finished.

The space we're focusing on right now is the new living room, formerly our bedroom. This is what it looks like right now, first from the door.

This is what it looks like behind the couch.

Facing toward the door. New thrift store desk is too tall to go behind the couch, boo.

It's a pit, and I can't really do much to straighten things out--I was moving little things like magazines and knick knacks this weekend and ended up having to take an anti-inflammatory and two pain pills so I won't be doing that again. B is very motivated to get it done, though, because we want to have the Christmas stuff set up again as soon as possible. But it's going to be a slow process anyway. I really want to have all the decor projects done by Baby Girl's birthday so that maybe for once we can actually have room to have a party here. Judging by my past record, and by the fact that every bit of progress I've made in being less lazy has apparently gone out the window, I'm not super duper hopeful.

On the plus side, I found some pretty awesome toe socks I forgot I had.

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