Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Fall 2014 photo dump

Not to be confused with the ostensibly upcoming "Christmas 2014 photo dump."

Time did not stop while I was off my feet with a herniated disk, and even though B made it sound like most days it was a miracle he got everyone to school and they ate way too much fast food, there were some fun activities.

This might have been taken before I hurt myself; we did quite a lot of basement cleaning the week before that. You can't tell we were cleaning from this picture, of course.

A clean toy room. I was wrong; I'm pretty sure this was all B. This was during the very brief time where he switched his game room and the toy/sewing room. Now his game room is up where the living room is supposed to go, the living room is downstairs, and our bedroom is in the semi-finished part of the basement, to the right in this picture.

It snowed!

She was wearing a coat under there, I promise. Knowing B she's probably got four layers of clothing on, too.

You'll have to trust me that this is Yaya.

I had a hard time finding pictures of Mr. Man that weren't blurry. That's a problem I have a lot with him.

He had a pretty chapped face for a while there; so far we haven't had a repeat.

OK, so maybe not much happened for those few months. Or at least, nothing B took pictures of. There are more from Christmas stuff. A few, anyway.

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