Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The very very late Christmas photo post

I thought I had more Christmas photos than this, but...I do not. I mean, I have more, but they're either of Yaya so they will be staying on my hard drive, or they're pretty terrible so they will be staying on my hard drive. Potato, potahto.

I helped a little with decorating the tree, which is probably why there aren't many pictures; this was after my surgery but not by much so I wasn't terribly useful. Mr. Man was very very helpful, as you can see.

As was Baby Girl. She was probably taking this off the tree rather than putting it on, because that's pretty much how the season went. If it wasn't her taking them off, it was the cats.

I bought a cute Target gingerbread house kit, but it did not work out well. We built it too fast (this is what happens when you have kids: do it fast or not at all) and it collapsed. The upside is that the gingerbread still tasted good because it hadn't sat out for a month. As you can see, Baby Girl was right there to act as cleanup crew.

Christmas morning! I don't have many good pictures of this. Oh well, I lived it.

The boys each got a DS. They were used, because you cannot buy a new DS anymore (I don't think you can, anyway) and Mr. Man got pink because that's what the game store had. He could care less.

The kids also each got a tablet for Christmas. It was the year of electronics. The tablets were only $55 each and work well for the kids, although it seems like the screens scratch if you even look at them. Still, for $55, you can't ask for much more. I think it was this tablet (I didn't really pay attention; I let B take care of all that) and this case.

We went up to my parents' house on Christmas day to open gifts. Baby Girl actually held still long enough for me to do her hair. It was little buns on either side of her head, but her hair is so fine it was coming loose by the time we even got to my parents' house. She ended up in pigtails. Still cute.

And one last picture of Mr. Man, getting a Lego kit. Yay Lego. We stopped buying him big kits because he tends to throw things when he's mad, but these little kits are perfect.

I know this is more than a little late, but I hope everyone had a good Christmas! I actually have at least two more posts planned, I just need to focus up and get them written. Maybe it'll be two weeks between posts this time instead of three.

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