Thursday, February 12, 2015

Happy third birthday, Baby Girl!

That time has come again: Baby Girl is three today. I can't believe she's this old; this is the year that the big changes start happening. Next month I can go to pre-K screening for her (to start in August). I knew that was coming this year, but having it actually here is different.

We're still having firsts, of course. She recently had her first dentist appointment, which I know is about two years late, but she's been on a waiting list at the boys' dentist since she was six months old. I believed them for a while when I'd call to check and be told "oh, another six months." But then one of the two dentists retired (he was an orthodontist; he did my braces when I was 17 and he was almost retirement age then) and I was tired of waiting, so off we went. She was not super thrilled.

A first she has yet to have: first haircut. I've been trying to talk B into it, but he wants her hair to grow out. It's more than halfway down her back, but it's so fine that I think shorter would look better. I've tried to explain to him that you can't just let hair grow forever, you have to cut it to get rid of split ends. He is skeptical, so we're still working on that.

And, of course, she is incredibly opinionated and not willing to take any shit from anyone. She hates it when people (or the dogs) walk behind her, she hates it when Noah sings, she hates it when Elijah repeats lines from her shows, etc etc. In short, her brothers annoy her the same way they annoy each other. Sibling love. B and I don't escape the annoyance, either. This is the look I get for most pictures now.

Sometimes she throws me a bone, though.

Happy birthday, Baby Girl.

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