Thursday, March 19, 2015

The room of unfinished projects

I realized the other day that the living room is like a microcosm of my house: full of unfinished projects. Pretty much every single piece of furniture needs work done, as does the room itself.

This is the one room in the house that's never been painted. Even the unfinished basement has been painted, but this room was an inoffensive white that I was happy to leave for the time being. Now it's five years later and every other room has been painted, many of them twice, and this room just looks sad. The idea of painting, of course, opens up all the color options, but I'm kind of thinking I'll just paint it the same color as the kitchen or as Baby Girl's room. Keep things simple.

From the doorway. Unfinished projects in this picture: dresser, floors, walls, desk, bookcases, side table, lamps, and benches. So, you know, pretty much everything except the couch.

The partially stripped dresser. I still have no idea how to get right up next to the brass trim, but procrastinating probably won't solve that problem.

You can also see Baby Girl's little play area there. It's not big, but the toy room is like fifteen feet away so I don't think it needs to be. Of course her toys are spread all over the room; that corner doesn't contain them. The space heater (mostly hidden by my laptop) is almost out of season, but I might leave it there because a)I don't know where else to put it, and b) there'll be random cold days or nights for probably at least the next two and a half months, plus the basement is colder than the rest of the house anyway. I just have to remember to unplug it in the summer or the kids will turn it on. Actually I'd like to buy a new infrared heater and get rid of this one, but we'll see.

The aquarium portion of the room. The aquarium is not really that green; I had just started scrubbing it and stirred everything up when I decided to stop and take pictures because that's how I work. We're going to upgrade to a 55 gallon tank, which is what that wood thing is for; it will eventually become the stand. It should be sooner rather than later, because I've finally saved up the money to upgrade but I don't have anywhere to put it until the stand is built.

The trim has been taken off because there is a tiny, like seriously two inch wide, strip of laminate flooring that still needs to be put down. Sigh.

Count the unfinished projects! Chairs, desk, bookcases. Probably window trim--I've painted it in every other room so I might as well paint it in this one. That curtain rod and curtain also need to be changed. The bed was there when this first became a bedroom, so I hung an extra long rod to mask the off-center window. That's also just a single really wide curtain panel, because I didn't see the need to make extra work for myself when that curtain wouldn't really be used.

A better shot of the desk. The cushion foam in the corner was from the pullout loveseat, which has since found a home at the dump. I kept the foam thinking I might make the dogs a bed out of it, but I realize now it should just go in the trash. They're not going to give up their chairs for dog beds.

I'm trying to focus on just this room right now, which is a very difficult concept for me. I think it's hard to stay in one space because I work so slowly and I'm afraid that if I don't jump around then some projects will never get started or maybe get forgotten. I don't know. I just know that my mind is always five years ahead of my hands.

I've already started on the bench redo. It's going slow, which is pretty much exactly what I expected. At this rate I'll be done with the benches in a month and the room in three years. That sounds about right.

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