Monday, July 13, 2015

Combining two Barbie houses, part one

A while back, I bought Baby Girl a Barbie Glamtastic furniture set off of Craigslist. It came with a vanity, kitchen, living room, and, the best part, a bathroom with a toilet. I had waited to open it for a while because she was pretty young when I got it and I worried she'd lose all the small parts. (It also came with tiny shampoo bottles, food, dishes, makeup, etc.) I still haven't given her that stuff, but she loved the furniture, especially the toilet. The only problem was that now her Barbie Victorian Dream House was just too small for the all the furniture. Barbie problems, am I right? I told B that I wanted to get her a bigger Barbie house, maybe build one for Christmas. He rolled his eyes at me. I don't think he's accepted that her playing with Barbies isn't my doing; she just likes dolls.

Anyway, the next day I went out on my own, because I haven't been out of the house alone for a long time. I saw a sign for a garage sale and impulsively stopped by, then I remembered that I'd seen a Craigslist ad for another sale four blocks away that mentioned toys and, specifically, Barbies, so I decided to go to that one, too. I had seen the garage sale ad for a few weeks, and there was so much stuff that at first I thought they were buying storage units and selling estates, but the guy told me they had a basement full of stuff to bring out yet, so maybe borderline hoarder? I saw at least three original Little People buildings (hospital, Sesame Street, and farm, if you were wondering) and lots of '80s stuffed animals. There was an E.T. lamp. But all of that is beside the point, which was that I saw what I thought was this house.

Barbie Dream House

Turns out, it was actually two of this house.

Barbie Dream Cottage

You can see where I might be confused, maybe? The houses came with a big bag of parts, which I thought might connect the two "halves" somehow. I didn't really remember what the 1978 dream house looked like, and I had never heard of the 1982 dream cottage. But oh well; this works just fine, too.

I cleaned it up and cut a piece of foam core to connect the two houses. So far this is what we have.

There's only one set of each kind of doors (French and sliding) and they are both on one house right now, the one set up as a foyer.

I don't know what the hell that thing is supposed to be. It came in the Barbie Glamtastic set in the living room section. I assume it is supposed to be some sort of decorative room divider? Anyway, I go back and forth on keeping this as a foyer. I love foyers, but does Barbie really need one? Maybe not. But it's kind of small for a living room. If it becomes a living room, I'll probably move the sliding doors in the back over to the bedroom house and put a fireplace in this spot. Here's a view from the side.

There's not much point in having the sliding doors in either spot since the piece of wood this whole setup is sitting on isn't really big enough for Barbie to have a backyard (the room isn't big enough for it, either), but there's no point in taking them out, either. Barbie will be getting a roof deck; she doesn't need a backyard.

Here's the living room/kitchen area.

This was supposed to include a dining room, but there's just not enough space, and since we don't have a Barbie dining room table I don't really care. Baby Girl doesn't either; she and Barbie mostly just open and close the sliding doors and sit on the toilet.

I might build a ceiling for this area, which will, of course, allow more space for rooftop furniture.

Barbie's bedroom. This is super small. If Barbie ever upgrades to a double bed, we'll be in trouble. I forgot to take a specific picture, but you can kind of see the bathroom furniture above the bedroom. Who doesn't want an al fresco toilet? I have the railings that go around the top there, and the roof panels to extend the space, but Baby Girl won't allow me to put the railings on and she stepped on one of the panels and cracked it about five minutes after I brought it into the house, so I don't really want to put it on lest it be broken even further.

Sorry for the blurry picture. The cat couldn't decide if she wanted to be in it or not, so I just grabbed this before she came over to lick my face again.

This little space was supposed to be the bathroom, but I think I might slide the whole thing down and build a carport over on the other side of the foyer. Barbie's got three cars that need a space to park.

The next time we go out I'm going to grab some little LED battery-powered stick-on lights and put them in the two houses. If I build a fireplace I'll put a flickering light in that in the form of a battery-powered tea light. When I was little I had this Barbie TV (well, I don't think it was Mattel, but it was fashion doll scale) that had a flickering light in it; maybe I'll build one of those, too. I also need to build columns to hold the roof panels level since the original columns are missing. I might take out the roof panel in the center in order to put that ceiling in and also to avoid columns in the middle of the living room.

What do you think? Foyer or living room? Ceiling or don't bother? Baby Girl is three and will, of course, play with it like it is, but a big part of the reason I bought this was to have a place for all the Barbie furniture, so the more floor space the better, as far as I'm concerned.

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