Thursday, January 7, 2016

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

I'm a little bit late on both of those, but the kids went back to school on Monday and I've just now had a chance to breathe. Baby Girl and I were both sick over Christmas, and I'm still sick, so projects have mostly hit the back burner. We have done a little rearranging (what a shocker) but I don't have pictures of that yet.

Not too many Christmas pictures this year. Yaya will not be shown; he doesn't want his picture posted anywhere. I don't know if he knows I have a blog, but I know he doesn't want them on Facebook and that's close enough to the same thing for me.

Christmas morning.

(Yes, we give our kids cereal as stocking stuffers. We don't buy it otherwise, so to get a bunch of little boxes is a treat for them. They also got Pop-Tarts in their stockings for the same reason.)

Baby Girl when she saw her new train set. She is very into trains now.

Sorting out the presents.

I think the headphones were the first gift Mr. Man opened. He wore them the whole time.

I like this one because of the cat under the tree. She's a good assistant.

We didn't do anything except eat junk food for New Year's Eve. We never have; we're not going-out-on-New-Year's-Eve people. We are eat-junk-food-on-New-Year's-Eve people, though, all five of us. Handy, right?

So we're caught up to now. I need to start thinking about Baby Girl's fourth birthday party. I keep remembering that her birthday is coming up then completely forgetting for a few days. I must be in some sort of denial. I hope to get a new house tour up soon, although maybe we should just say the end of June for the anniversary and call it good, because I have a lot to do. I'm also still working on combining the two Barbie houses; I haven't forgotten. I would like to have something up for that next week, but we'll see. I've been fighting viruses and colds and sinus infections and pinkeye for almost a month now; my energy is slightly low, to say the least. I finally bit the bullet and went to the doctor for antibiotics, so let's hope for a full recovery very very soon.

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