Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Baby Girl's fourth birthday party

We had Baby Girl's birthday party three weeks ago a month ago and I haven't been able to focus on writing long enough to sit down and finish the post about it until now. (And then I got halfway done with the post and got busy again until now, so let's hope I can get it done today.)

On the kids' birthdays, we let them pick out a piece of cake from the bakery. Baby Girl chose carrot, much to B's dismay. I don't know why; carrot is my favorite, and apparently hers, too. Now I want carrot cake.

Her party was a few weeks after her birthday. We get fewer and fewer people at the kids' parties each year. I don't know, next year maybe we'll just go to Chuck E. Cheese. But anyway. It was kind of train-themed and Baby Girls' favorites-themed. So train-shaped cookies, popcorn with candy in it, strawberries, and "train cars" of Oreos and more candy.

For her cake (chocolate this time, sorry Bub), my mom sent me a picture of a cake with mini Thomas trains on Kit Kat tracks so you know I had to do that. I made a waterfall out of a cupcake (vanilla, for Yaya because he doesn't like chocolate cake) and some Oreo crumbs on the back to be dirt or rocks or something.

Someone has been in the strawberries.

Stealing either strawberries or Oreos, or maybe both.

Present time! Bring on the Thomas track sets.

Aaaand party's over, time to play.

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