Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Two years ago, almost exactly, I found out that I had a herniated disc and that I'd need surgery. Well, the last few--um, several--months I've been having leg pain. It was different than last time in that there was almost no back pain, so I thought it was sciatica and just tried not to overextend myself. It was getting a little bit worse in May, right as school was getting out, and I thought "eh, I'll just tough this out over the summer and get an appointment in August." It got worse as summer went on, as these things do. The boys went back to school August 25. Baby Girl didn't go back until the 30th, but I was in the doctor's office on August 26. She sent me for another MRI and yep, I have a bulging disc. I suppose it's better news in that it's not herniated, but that doesn't mean it won't herniate.

I couldn't get in to the neurologist until October 11, and as I am not a doctor I can't be sure of what he'll say, but I feel like "you can't do physically strenuous stuff anymore" is definitely on the table. That would mean most DIY stuff will be out. I can't imagine that any doctor would recommend someone with a recent history of back problems bad enough to require surgery should go ahead and take down walls or rip up and lay down their own floors. If that's the case, most plans of what I wanted to do with this house and what kind of house we wanted next are out.

I've wanted to buy and restore an old house since I was a kid. I had planned to just do one and move to another one, then repeat until I got too old to repeat any more, but then HGTV and DIY Network let me know that you can flip houses too, and I thought that would be a great way to save even more old houses. That part was more of a "maybe when the kids are older" dream, but I always thought I would at least be able to find a house to restore for us. I can't say for sure at this point that all that is off the table, but realistically, it probably is. So I'm kind of pre-mourning the fact that I won't be able to save at least one old house, and also kind of wondering how I'm going to finish all the projects I have to do here. B certainly has no interest in doing any home stuff, nor does he really know how. Also, it seems like whenever I finish one project I have two more when I turn around, so even if I did somehow get everything done, it wouldn't stay done.

I had such big plans for this year. All three kids were in school and I was going to get so much done during the day. Now I'm just going to be able to do laundry or something. At this point I can't even comfortably bend over to pick up stuff off the kids' floors. It's making me even more sad just thinking about it. I never thought I'd be sad to not be able to clean.

On a non-related note, I am working on updating all old links on the blog. I thought I'd only have to do the ones from the time I had the .com domain, but it seems like maybe every link was changed from a blogspot to a .com? It's in progress.

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  1. I love all of your plans you had and how you want to save old houses. I would also like to do something like that but I have no clue how. While I do love your plans, I think a break will be good for you and your back. Take the time to heal and then reassess. Good luck!