Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I am really, really bad at multitasking

I know I haven't posted since...January? February? Whenever I posted the first half of last year's recap. And I know I haven't posted the second half of last year's recap yet; it's still sitting here in draft form, looking at me accusingly. I don't have a good valid reason other than when I have to do more than, say, three things in a day I get really overwhelmed. Hence the title.

I've talked about my back injury before, and now I have "graduated" from physical therapy and steroids and am trying to lose the weight I put on when I couldn't do anything without excruciating pain. (Shout out to you, too, emotional eating!) This is part of my inability to multitask: if I focus on working out and losing weight and basic "keep everything kind of running smoothly" stuff, nothing else can fit in my brain. And when I say keep everything running smoothly, I mean feed the kids three times a day and make sure they have enough clothes to wear something clean to school, even if they have to dig it out of a laundry basket. Cleaning does not happen on any sort of a schedule right now, which is slowly but surely driving me crazy.

Then I start thinking about finishing house projects. I've got a million of them, and I'm adding more every day. Then it overwhelms me to think about doing that AND doing the workout/weight loss stuff AND doing the most basic household tasks. Sewing or crafting? I'd love to sew clothes for Baby Girl or finish one of my million craft projects, but my craft room is a mess because we switched rooms again and I get overwhelmed just looking at it. How many times am I going to have to put all this stuff away? And of course to blog I need to have content, and that would require me to do more than just look at the project list or look at the house and acknowledge that, yes, these things that I have to do exist and now I need to go take a walk, doctor's orders.

But I'm trying to get things figured out. When will I be back? I don't know. I do know that we're planning a lot of back yard work soon, and even if I don't post about it until August, since B is involved it's a project that will get done and therefore something I can write about. As for everything else, including that second half of the 2016 recap? Let's take that a day at a time.

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